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Handmade soaps, shea body butters, oils, and bath salts.

At Mother Nature’s Soap we offer a wide variety of natural handmade soaps, shea body butters, bath salts, massage and body oils, deodorants and more. A quality product is important so we use oils of coconut, olive, palm, grapeseed wheat germ, jojoba and castor. We also use shea, mango and cocoa butters. These products are made in our home, so they are made in small batches. In producing natural handmade soaps the end result is a creamy, mild, less drying soap with a rich, bubbly lather.

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Soaps are made with saponified oils of coconut, palm, olive, castor, grapeseed, and wheat germ. We also add virgin shea butter and cocoa butter. Some soaps have essential oils added as listed. All soaps are allowed to cure for at least four weeks before selling. Orders are usually shipped within two days unless waiting for curing process to finish. We try to keep a good supply ready of all fifteen plus flavors.


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Our soaps are for external use only. We strive to produce the highest quality products.  However, some oils and essential oils may be irritating to sensitive skin or people with allergies. Purchase of this product affirms that the customer accepts all responsibility for the use of the product. Before using any handmade soap, you should  perform a skin test to ensure that you are not sensitive to any ingredients used in the soap.  Apply the soap in a normal fashion to the inside of your upper arm.  If you are sensitive to an ingredient in the soap, an irritation will occur.  Should you experience any irritation, discontinue use. Individuals who own and operate Mother Nature’s Soap are not liable if a reaction of any kind should occur.

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