Mother Natureís Soap

Handmade soaps, shea body butters, oils, and bath salts.

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Soap making has been a wonderful hobby of mine since 1996. I learned the basic process from a husband and wife team in the foothills of North Carolina. Many books and learning experiences later I found my own style.† Soap making can be so versatile, that is what I love about it.† David, my husband, has been a wonderful source of support. He has built drying racks and soap molds, even starting this website was his idea. His favorite soap is the double mint. I work a full time job and David works two jobs, but we still find time to keep our soap making business going.

†† Our two children Daniel and Emily have grown up with Mom cooking more soap than meals. They have never complained about it. Danielís favorite soap is† Russian Tea. Emily likes the pink grapefruit.

††† Our family has also been a great help in our business.† Sisterís, nieces, nephews, cousins, parents are all hooked on this soap.† Some say they could never go back to using commercial soap. I guess you† know what they get for Christmas.

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